IMG 1891webWe are proud that winning dogs have in names a prefix by our Kennel "Iz Razdolia". We believe that the highest achievements of dog breeders is to witness the victories of the animals bred in their kennel. This what makes any breeder to be proud not the victories of an dogs, purchased from a more successful breeder.

Many thanks to all our friends for their support and assistance. 

Judger: Marina Ostrovskaia (RUS)

Barynya iz Razdolia - BOB, World Winner Veteran (photo)
Eremey iz Razdoliya - BOS, World Winner Veteran, our congratulations to owner N. Litvinova  


 Sharada iz Razdolia - R.CW, R.CAC, R.JCAC
Charodeika Moei Dushi iz Razdolia - exc
Kumir iz Razdolia - very good 

Congratulations to all winners, awardee and participants of the World Championship 2016. 

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